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Another fresh week and time to see another amazing and fresh update today like always. And in this superb scene you can get to see some more amazing and sexy babes play naughty and kinky for you guys to enjoy as well. Some time ago, you got to see the babes playing with more vegetables as well and today they wanted to do it once more. So let’s not waste time and see them in action as for today everyone was down to have more sexual fun with lots of fruits and vegetables as well. You know that they are good for you, but these ladies found a more different approach for them being good for their bodies other than just consuming them. And you are going to see just how they use them too. Not that it’s that hard to imagine it anyway.

In this new update we get to see the sexy babes making their entry to the living room and taking their spots on the couch. Once there, you can see them starting to play with their nice and sexy bodies and on the table you can see that there were a lot of vegetables. Well it seems that the babes don’t waste time to start playing with them and you just need to see these crazy babes going at it. Take your time to sit back and enjoy watching them fucking themselves in the ass with them nice and deep for the whole video scene today. And of course, this wouldn’t be complete without some anal prolapsing as well, so rest assured that you get to see that too. Anyway, have fun and do check out the past scenes for some more new and fresh galleries as well!

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Isabella, Sofia and Donna

Hey there guys and gals, dirtygardengirl is back once more with all new and hot scenes to show off and today we have another superb treat for you. It comes in the form of an amazing and sexy video and you can bet that it’s full of sexy babes that will get naughty and nasty for your enjoyment today. The thee babes that are here are named Isabella, Sofia and Donna and you know them already from previous scenes that they had here. So let’s get to see this fine and hot video with them as they are about to have some group fun of the sexual kind too. And as you can see, all thee of them were all wearing some nice and kinky costumes that show off just how naughty and sexy and kinky they can get as well. Let the cameras roll and let’s get started shall we?

When the video starts off, like we said, you get to see the trio of ladies wearing their little kinky outfits. And you could just tell that they were up to no good as they were all ready to get naughty and wild for you today too. They start to get even naughtier as they begin to take off their sexy and cute panties that matched the rest of the outfits in color too. Watch as they make this sexy little sex train of sorts as all the babes bend over and start fucking one another in the ass with their expert hands today. We know you will love this scene and rest assured that you will get to see many more hot scenes like this in the future as well. Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting for you next week with more amazing and hot scenes to see as well!

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Alysya and DirtyGardenGirl

Today we have some more nice and hot scenes with anal prolapsing for you guys to see. And this scene brings you some more of your favorite lady as she gets to enjoy the same hard style pleasures as well. As you know, you get to see all hard core and insane scenes here and if it’s your first time visiting do make sure to check out the past scenes as well for some more hot and amazing scenes just like this one. Anyway, let’s get back to the scene at hand and see the sexy dirtygardengirl in action once more as she is joined by the cute babe Alysya as well to help her out with her naughty scene. We can say for sure that this is one gallery that will leave you speechless one way or another. So let the cameras roll and let’s get to let the babes play with one another today.

When the scene starts, the two babes were in bed, and you get to hear some more about themselves as they talk as well. They want you to know who you’re dealing with and they seem to have made sure that you do with a luxury of details as well. Then the two ladies tart to undress and you get to see both of them put on quite the naughty and kinky strip show for you as they undress as well. So take your time to enjoy that too and then do look some more as you get to see then engaging in more nice stuff. Watch as the babe gets one nice and hard style fist fucking today and watch her have her prolapse. No worries as her buddy is on the job and uses her expert tongue to make it all feel better too. Enjoy it and see you next week as always!


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Angels Double Anal Fisting

Time to get to see some more sexy and hot dildo playing action for this afternoon today. In this scene you get to watch a nice and cute little lady trying out her all new big black dildo with the help of one of her buddies this fine afternoon. Oh and as you can see, the babe was all costumed for this occasion as well. She chose to be a naughty little spirit with black wings that kind of fits the whole thing of her being naughty and kinky and trying out her new and big black sex toy in front of you and the cameras today. So let’s get to see her at play as she gets to bend over and spread her legs wide as she was really looking forward to take that nice and big sex toy as deep as she could. And of course, like we said, her buddy was there to assist her with it as well.


Our babe and her buddy make their entry first in the show. And of course, her buddy was wearing the same outfit as her too. It seems that these ladies were hell bent on showing off their nice and hot passions for this kind of thing and staying in character too. So take your time as you get to see the brunette babe taking her lingerie off and taking her spot on the couch for a massage just like the ones from http://nurumassage.us.com with tops down and bottoms up as her cute little ass was ready for penetrating today. Take your time and  watch as she gets a big black dildo deep in her ass and watch her moaning loudly in pleasure as it fucks her hard style with the aid of some very naughty helping hands today. We hope you had fun with it and do make sure to come back soon for some more!

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Ava Devine and Donna

Well here we are once more with a new scene and some more hot and sexy pictures as well. And for this one, this babe that you have seen here before had quite the special guest as well. In case you don’t know who that is and if you didn’t read the title, it’s none other than miss Ava Devine herself. And she is here together with Donna to help her out on her little scene as she needed some masterful hands to please her eager holes today. And rest assured that miss Ava more than fits the bill in that regard. She is a true master when it comes down to anything regarding sex and she’s quite a thing to watch all on her own as well. Anyway, let’s get this show started and see miss Devine as she helps out her good buddy Donna with her shoot today shall we?

The whole thing starts with our two sexy stars making their entry to the nice set in the bedroom, sporting just their amazing and sexy lingerie sets on themselves today. Ava was wearing a nice and sexy leopard print one and it seems that Donna had the same taste in that regard. You get to see the sexy and hot Donna taking off her panties to present the cameras with her sweet pussy and meanwhile Ava gets her hands ready for the next good and sexy part. So take your time and enjoy seeing the hot and sexy Ava Devine as she double fist fucks Donna all afternoon long today as well. We can guarantee that it’s one show that you just have to see and we just have to say that we hope to have Ava here again in the future as well. See you next week with more everyone. If you can’t wait until then, enter the www.hdwetting.org site and see some kinky lesbian chicks peeing one another!


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Giant Ball In Anus

Another fresh week and time for one more new and hot dirty garden girl update to see as well. In this new scene we bring you some more amazing pictures with one babe that’s always willing to impress you with the size of the things that she can fit inside her sweet pussy or tight ass as well. And there will be plenty of that this fine afternoon as the babe was very adamant of showing off just how much she can spread out her naughty little holes too. She’s a really kinky babe as you can see and she’s quite fun to spend time with as well. Let’s see her scene more close up and see how she likes to impress everyone with her amazing feats of stuffing big things in her pussy today shall we? We know you are really eager to get to see the whole thing so let’s get started today.


This babe sure knows how to party hard core and we can bet that she sure makes an impression with anyone that gets to see her at play. First off, this luscious woman starts off with a nice and hot little strip show as she takes off her clothes and you can see that she was looking quite sexy and hot while nude as well. Then she pulls out her favorite huge toys to start her number and your first thought, maybe be, how she’s going to fit all of that in. Well no problems as this lady has more then enough space. Take your time to see her fucking herself with huge toys and watch her get a nice and hard double fist fucking too as she ends up having a anal prolapse as well today. It’s a must see scene really and we hope that you will enjoy your stay everyone!

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DirtyGardenGirl presents Extreme Insertions

It’s a whole new week and it’s time for you to enjoy some more kinky and fresh scenes as usual. In this new gallery, we have some more babes for you to see as well and they all have some very impressive pussies to show off to you guys for the afternoon. And if you have been here long enough you know that we had groups of ladies getting nasty and wild in a group some more in the past too. Well these babes are some new ones that want to show off as well and you can bet that you will be in for some hard core scenes with them this fine afternoon. Let’s get the show going and see them in action as they are going to get to do some nice and kinky stuff just for you today without any more delays everyone. We know you want to see it too.

The cameras roll and our babes make their little entry to the scene. And as you can see, all three of them were wearing some very hot and sexy white lingerie outfits a well. Well of course, with some very beautiful and sexy white silky dresses on top as well. Anyway, you get to watch the babes take their place on the bed and you can watch them spreading their legs for everyone to see. Then the panties come off and the ladies are more than happy to grant you some generous and kinky views of their amazing pussies as well. Do take your time to see them in action as they also get to use some big toys to fuck themselves nice and deep with. We know that you will love this scene, so have fun and see you guys next week for all new and hot scenes with more babes! Also you might enter the lactalia.net site and see some kinky pregnant ladies stuffing their holes!


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Extreme Lesbian Games

Today we bring you some new and hot scenes to see. And as always you know that you can find the best and hottest scenes only here today. So let’s get to another amazing and hot show as today you get to see two more hot and sexy babes as they get to have some naughty fun for you guys. And this week we have some naughty games with the two of them that you will get to see. Let’s take the time to enjoy this superb show with our babes and you can rest assured that you will be in for quite the nice and hot treat today as well. Let the cameras roll and let’s watch the amazing ladies as they get to play with their naughty asses just for you this fine day today. We know you are eager too so let’s not delay any longer anymore shall we?


The scene starts with our two lovely ladies making their entry to the scene wearing some nice and sexy dresses and it seems that one of them is all about her passion for leather. Anyway, as the cameras start to roll, you know that the babes are up to no good and that they want to have fun for you. And that they will as well. Take your time to see the blonde babe in leather fist fucking her buddy’s nice and tight ass as long as she wants today and see the babe then having a prolapse too. It’s enough to say that both of them had lots of fun with it and who knows, maybe you’ll get to see them together again in the future as well. Take your time to enjoy it and do drop by like always, next week for another new and fresh scene with more kinky ladies or enter the HD Wetting site and see some kinky lesbians peeing and fucking!

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DirtyGardenGirl – Extreme Vegetable

Hey there once more everyone and welcome as always to an all new and hot scene today. In this one we want to bring you another sexy and hot babe with a passion for vegetables. And if you have been here long enough, you know full well what that means too. Just to be clear, we’re saying that our lady for today just loves to shove nice and big vegetables in her eager and horny holes. And of course, you get front row seats to the amazing and naughty show too. So take your time, sit back, relax and let’s get her show on the road as we are sure that you are very very eager to see her at play with the said things today as well. So let’s get started. Oh, and we forgot to mention that this babe has made quite some appearances in the past with this as well so you are bound to remember her.

As the cameras start to roll, this cutie makes her way into the scene. And at first glance you can see that the lady was wearing some nice and sexy stuff on herself too. Namely her high heels and her floral dress today. Well as you know, these babes aren’t known for their love of lingerie and this lady wasn’t an exception to the rule either. Take the time to see her as she gets to have her way and tease you a bit too, by showing off her luscious curves as she takes off that sexy dress. Then you get to watch the slutty and sexy woman as she spreads her legs and proceeds with the self pleasing with her food. So take your time to see her as she gets to fuck herself both in the ass and pussy with the said things and have fun today. Bye bye for now everyone!


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Double Fisting

Hey there guys, DirtyGardenGirl is back once more with all new and hot scenes. And this new week we bring you the two hotties that are about to rock your world in a literal sense today. These two beauties here are all ready to show off and expose those amazing and hot bodies for you and we know that you will enjoy seeing them in action today. And in this scene you are going to see one of these babes take it nice and hard and to the more extreme end as she does love herself some juicy and kinky fist fucking too. Well that’s why her buddy was there to help her with for this afternoon. Take your time to see this amazing scene unfold and let’s get this show started to see the naughty and hot babes at play today shall we? We know you want to see them too.

hotkinkyjo-double-fistThe name of this special buddy of the babe you will surely recognize on the spot and it’s the one and only Hot Kinky Jo as you can see. Take your time to see the amazing scene unfold as the babes make their entry wearing just some sexy and hot white tops paired with some nice and tight leather pants. Of course, lingerie not included. Well you get to see our babe assume the position as she pulls down her pants and eagerly awaits miss Jo’s hands to start doing some nice and hard work on her cute and sexy ass. Have fun with this new and hot scene today and do come back next time for some more new stuff as always. We will be waiting for you right here everyone. And we do hope that you enjoyed this amazing and fresh fist fucking session today too.

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